The Company

Since over 35 years Scatolifico Pasubio S.r.l. is the reference company for customized design and manufacturing of high quality Made in Italy packaging and displays, with great communicative capacity. The company combines creativity, technical skill and experience to realize ideas and offer customized, unique and always new solutions.

The company success is due to a constant growth based on custom-tailored product approach, supported by an independent cutting-edge production structure, including all the production processes, which is also flexible and able to meet the market developing demand.

Pasubio offers a wide range of different products that is in constant development: from die cut images in real size to countertop and hanging boards; from cardboard displays for POS and companies, to those combined with other materials: all basic elements to create the suitable atmosphere that might involve the consumer. Any creative idea or requirement is a spur to try new forms, combine different materials, ad hoc design and industrialize functional high aesthetic impact products enhancing the identity and prominence of the brand.

Many prominent brands have been entrusting their project to Pasubio for years, witnessing its reliability, flexibility and comprehensive service.

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Vision and Mission

"Your ideas - our solutions"

Packaging is often the only distinctive and attractive feature on similar products: our packaging projects enhance the product, protect it and highlight its special qualities.

Each packaging project is the result of the synergy between contents and container.

In Pasubio Pasubio we believe that the material point of every project is the synergy with the customer: your imagination, your projects and your technical needs are transformed into functional solutions with a highly attractive impact.

We turn your creativity and your ideas into a functional communication project.

From design to delivery

Even apparently simple productions depend on the balance of several factors, referring to technical and aesthetic aspects as well as to costs and functionality.

For a successful product, the design and production capacity offered by Pasubioare as crucial as its efficient logistics.

The product development is integrated by a number of services that allow our clients to be more competitive: the streamlining of production process minimizes storage space and shipping costs; deliveries can be scheduled and our products can be shipped already assembled together with the goods of the customer, whatever the destination is.


Pasubio consists of a professionals team who can manage any requirement and each step of the production cycle.

From design to logistics advice, they can support the customer to optimize the production, the logistics and the highlight of the contained or displayed product.

Production is performed in three factories consisting of a 100.000 covered floor space. The company uses cutting edge equipment such as laminating machines, BOBST automatic die cutters and KBA offset printing machines up to a maximum size of 120x160.

The different steps of the production are surveyed by a team of about 50 employees constantly trained on new technologies.
The Company is certified ISO 9001 and FSC™.