Floor display

Floor display

Floor displays are mainly intended for POS marketing. They can be made of flat or laminated cardboard, or lined with paper, fabric or other. They can be printed by offset, screen printing or hot stamping and finished with lacquer, glossy or matt laminating or special plastic finishing.

Both countertop and floor displays may be equipped with additional PVC or plexiglass structures, hanging hooks for product organizing, advertising screen,…

Floor displays may be equipped with normal shelves, reinforced frame and shelves or shelves with edges and up-stands; the resistance of these structures is important that's why floor displays are mainly made of laminated cardboard or strong lined structures.

The displays can be arranged on a small pallet or be equipped with wheels for easy arrangement in the POS.

The dimensions and shape are multiple and customizable, to contain products of different sectors (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fashion ...): rectangular, pyramidal, cylindrical,…

The displays can be delivered both in flat and assembled form, according to customer's requirements.

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