Our path toward Pasubio people's satisfaction


Our path toward Pasubio people's satisfaction

It happens more and more often that the companies projected into the future undertake paths aimed at consolidating the work group, starting from climate surveys followed by a mapping of the needs and a series of actions to make the company work at full power.

Efficiency can not be separated from the well-being of the employees: are you satisfied with your professional role and the contribution you can give? Are you proud to be part of this group? Do you think that communication between colleagues is clear and functional? How can we help you make yourself feel happy and confident?

These and many other questions are at the core of a program designed last year, which in these recent months we have been defining more and more precisely on our needs, and that we plan to continue over time along with Pasubio evolution and the new challenges that await us.

To the first welfare action, the assignment to our collaborators of performance bonuses, we will put beside other actions to make the group more solid, involved and motivated, and to make our people as much competent and accountable as possible, with the direct consequence of a better functioning of gears and of the company as a whole.